Academic English

English is the global lingua franca and thereby the language of international academia. As a result, a proficiency in English and an advanced level of language use are of paramount importance if one wishes to make an impact at the academic level.


Now more than ever has the importance of a competent proofreader been solidified, for his work ensures the intelligibility and thereby the strength of the text, enabling it to reach a wider audience in the academic world. Our proofreading will improve the quality, style, level, and overall impact of your written word. Our expertise in the English language and extensive experience with a wide array of textual genres enable us to expertly proofread any English text.


Translating your text into English helps ensure that your ideas reach more people. To that end, the work of a professional translator is of supreme import, for it ensures that your ideas and intentions are carried over into English and appropriately expressed to your intended audience. Our translation guarantees that your text can reach the largest possible audience in a clear and comprehensible form of the language.


Institut Bildung plus has vast and multifaceted experience in the teaching of the English language. We offer private tutoring for all interests and abilities as well as workshops specifically targeted at the needs of academic writers. Our students reap the benefits of improved writing and speaking skills, the necessary tools for a successful career in academia.