Business English

English is the global lingua franca, the language of international business in the 21st Century.


Why is it that certain international business campaigns find more success than others? For starters, they demonstrate an idiomatic use of the English language, making their products accessible to a wider audience. A competent proofreader helps a business achieve this advanced level of English and avoid common German pitfalls. Our proofreading will improve the quality, style, level, and overall impact of your written word. Our expertise in the English language and extensive experience with a wide array of textual genres enable us to expertly proofread any English text.


Businesses have enough to worry about without needing to concern themselves with the linguistic intricacies of English, so just leave the English issues to us. Whether you wish to go international with a complete translation of your business documents or simply want to translate a strong advertisement, a competent English translator can mean the difference between international credibility and indifference. Bildung plus guarantees an idiomatic translation of your materials in a timely and professional manner.


Institut Bildung plus has vast and multifaceted experience in the teaching of the English language. We offer workshops geared towards better English for businesses. Through these workshops, our students develop and improve the skills necessary to demonstrate a professional and respectable command of the English language among their peers. We thereby help to ensure the international success of your business through your improved skills in English communication.